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The main mission of TUMICO is the mining of rough precious stones and precious metals such as gold and platinum while, at the same time, respecting the local community of Tanzania, Tunduru Region.

The idea of TUMICO foundation rose in the heads and ideas of Raffaele Zancanella and his son Valerio Zancanella. These were based on more than 50 years of experience in mining and trading precious stones in Tanzania.

Tunduru, Tanzania

TUMICO is the only Slovak company with direct participation in the mining of precious stones over the area of more than 3.5 million square metres in Tanzania, Tunduru Region.

3,5 million m 2

The available area in the Tundur area is more than 3.5 million square meters

International cooperation

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Our values

Our company operates on the basis of an ethical code and fully supports the social and environmental development of the area given.

As a company, we have undertaken to:

  • Build a local school of stone cutting in the Tunduru region
  • Build a road and enable traffic to hard-to-get-to mining places
  • Participate in the establishment of an orphanage as part of our assistance with the social program in the project’s second phase
  • Actively contribute to the redevelopment of the agricultural sector in line with the use of licenses for mining in the post-production phase
Close cooperation with top European gemmological laboratories

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Our services


Mining in Tanzania

The particles of gold and precious stones are separated from dust and soil without any mercury or other hazardous chemicals being used.

In the Nsingi No. 8 area of 1.4 million square metres, almost all the known and available precious stones such as amethyst, spinel, tourmaline, citrine, quartz, garnet, sapphire, chrysoberyl, diamond as well as very rare and valuable stones such as taaffeite, alexandrite and musgravite are mined.

In the Lady Rose area of 2.1 million square metres mostly rubies and garnets are opencast.

Our mining certificate:


Investing in Precious Stones

“Our company does not sell just stones, we sell the whole story behind them“

We are able to mine, arrange and deliver rough and cut gemstones for the best price possible as there are no third parties involved in the chain.

We are able to provide the best package of services starting from import, cutting and certification and ending with the handing gemstones over to the end customer.

We guarantee the origin of gemstones, and their authenticity and quality.

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Our stones and their story

It is the matter of time before sources are exhausted and it is up to us what we’ll do with nature’s wealth

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Consulting and Services

""A unique stone deserves a unique owner""

For our customers we can propose and arrange a portfolio of the most precious gemstones that meet the criteria of safe investment, i.e. liquidity, long-term increase in value and minimum risk. Thus, the investors are directly involved in the entire creative process starting with mining and cutting and ending with the certification of precious gemstones.

If asked to do so by our client, we can cooperate with goldsmiths and jewellers in order to design and arrange the production of original jewellery that would meet both the top aesthetic and investment criteria.

Our company has had long term experience with the best goldsmiths and jewellers in Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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Stone Certification

„Even stones have their own birth certificates""

Our company guarantees its customers the origin and authenticity of stones through certificates issued by world-famous gemmological laboratories.

We are able to price stones individually or as an investment portfolio. If requested to do, we can even price stones set in jewellery.

Our company has had close long-term cooperation and personal contacts with top European gemmological laboratories:

  • Gübelin headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Edigem headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland
  • GLA - Gemmologisches Labor Austria headquartered in Vienna, Austria
  • IGI – International Gemological Institute headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium

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